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Star Trek: Quest

Mission I: Ordeal on Gamma Elster IV

You’re never supposed to run into any trouble on
these resupply missions. There are friendlies already on
the ground; you just contact them from orbit, send
down an away team to assure them you’re for real:
“Doctor Livingston, I presume?” and all that. Then
beam down their supplies, accept their deepest thanks,
and off you go. It doesn’t always go that smoothly, but
you don’t expect to run into anything like this….

In 2371, in the relatively quiet days before the
Dominion make their unholy alliance with the
Cardassian Union and unleash the full fury of war
against the Federation, the U.S.S. Quest (an Ambassador class
starship) stops at Gamma Elster IV to check in on
the UFP research station. These scientists have been
there for less than a year, but they need supplies and
their mission is important enough to warrant Starfleet
keeping an eye on them. They are there to follow up on
initial survey data suggesting that flora native to the
planet secrete chemicals that might prove useful in
treating Terellian Death Syndrome. It was a bit of a
gamble sending an unarmed research team into the
unknown like this, but the stakes were high enough to
justify it: a cure for this terrible disease would be a
boon for the entire Federation.

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